Passenger Tyres

Infinity Tyres

Characterized by rigid tread blocks for better control.

Higher tyre life with ultimate dry and wet grip makes it nearly


Comprehensive range and brand of tyres for Passenger Car:


Enhances on-road and off-road stability and protects from cuts

and stone drilling.

Light Truck Tyres

Specifically designed for light commercial vehicles:




Capable of carrying heavier loads.

Enhance efficiency with features like improved fuel economy

and reduced rate of tyre wear. 

Enhanced durability and excellent on-road handling for a

smooth and comfortable ride.

Truck & Bus Tyres

High mileage.

Improves fuel efficiency.

Regular tread wear and low rolling resistance.

Designed to better cope with rough surfaces and mitigate rolling


OTR Tyres

Ideal for severe heavy duty applications.

Perfect for port operations.

Used for mining and heavy construction equipment.

Agricultural Tyres

Ultimate in strength and performance.

A comprehensive range.

Industrial Tyres

A comprehensive range.

Consistent and reliable operation.

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