Stallion Motors is undoubtedly a leading player in the auto market in Nigeria due to its strength in franchise holding and huge investments in auto assembling.

The company holds a number of world renowned auto franchises like Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Audi, Ashok Leyland among others. It is distributes the Bajaj Three-wheeler in Nigeria.

It also has an auto assembling plant located at Ojo, Lagos state, same location where the moribund Volkswagen of Nigeria (VON) plant was located.

Hence, naturally, the company attracted the best hands in the industry, both locals and expatriates, who achieve job satisfaction working there.

Ever since the owners of the company decided to operate from Dubai, since Nigeria is just one of the countries where they have interests, the Vaswani brothers have been hiring competent hands to run the company which goes beyond the auto industry.

However, recent happenings in the company does not seem palatable as top hands in the firm are beginning to move to other places, presumably for greener pasture.

Last year, the company’s Group Chief Executive, Anant Barjatya, left his position unceremoniously, at a time the company needed him most.

Late last year, another top Executive, Davashish Jaiswal, who was the Group After-sales Director, left after a four year stay. He is now based in the in Middle-East.

Thereafter, Manish Rohtagi, left to CIG Motors as Group CEO. Manish was managing Stallion Auto Keke, after he moved from the Simba group.

Another concern about Stallion group is the recent loss of its Changan franchise to Mikano motors.

Though the company had earlier taken over the MG (another Chinese brand) from Coscharis group. Its hold on Audi and Volkswagen is also shaky.

However, a staff of the Stallion group told Transport Day that “making a decision to join or leave the company is personal one. People move if there are given a better opportunity, that is a fact of life. I don’t anticipate any problems with it.

“Regarding Changan, there were numerous problems with Changan company’s services and products, as well as numerous complaints from customers that went unanswered from Changan.”