The Lagos State Government must have made over N500m from motorists as a result of road traffic offences captured by cameras mounted across the state in three months.

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The state Commissioner of Transportation, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi explained during a ministerial press briefing recently that the recently introduced Traffic Management Solution Device (TMS) has successfully captured 26,816 real time traffic infringements over the last three months, making enforcement more effective and safe for officers to carry out.

The figure is arrived at based on the fact that the least fine for road traffic offence in the state is N20,000, and when multiplied by 26, 816, it comes to N536,320,000.

The government also vowed to intensify enforcement activities on fake enforcement officials across the State.

The Commissioner also disclosed that the Ministry through its task force team would carry out sting operations in different areas of the state until all impersonators are eradicated within the metropolis.

He explained that revealing details of the enforcement operations would sabotage its effectiveness and success, as the impersonators will devise methods to elude the State Government and persist in their unlawful act.

The Commissioner also disclosed plan by the State Government to take the transportation system to another level, through introduction of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses by private investors, assuring that the State Government’s commitment to public transportation is to promote a transport system that is integrated and give options to its citizens.

According to him, facilitating the daily transportation needs of nearly 25 million commuters within Lagos State, a series of strategic initiatives have consistently served as instruments pivotal in advancing the first pillar of the THEMES+ development agenda, noting that there will be an expansion of infrastructure within the metropolitan, with the development of deep port in Badagry and construction of 4th Mainland bridge which are expected to commence soon.

Pointing out that the renewed effort of the Government towards making Lagos transport seamless for commuters, the Commissioner also said that 250 electric cars have been shipped in by private investors to improve transportation in the State while conserving the environment from air pollution through emission.

The Hon. Commission for Information and Strategy Mr. Gbenga Omotosho in his opening remarks described how important the Transportation Sector is to the economy and the well being of Lagosians.

Giving his remarks, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Hon. Sola Giwa stressed that the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) is the only body backed by the Law to carry out enforcement and manage traffic within the state, saying Local Governments do not have traffic officers and they are not authorized by the law to apprehend motorists who commits traffic infractions.

Giwa also urged members of the public to avoid negotiating fines on the road with alleged enforcement officers to avoid being victims of impersonators.

Debunking the claims that fake enforcement officers apprehended last week around Cele axis worked for the Ministry of Transportation, the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Olawale Musa confirmed that many of them are impostors, adding that it will be an anomaly for the Ministry to arrest and publicly shame its staff.

Mr. Olawale Musa equally urged members of the public to report any misdemeanor or illegal activity by anyone to the Ministry via the provided hotlines (09020009000 and 09020004000), assuring that every complaint will be addressed.