The Association of Importers of Consumer Goods Lagos (AICGL) has urged the Federal Government to re-consider its plans for the construction of a 700-kilometre coastal road from Lagos to Calabar and re-channel the funds to electricity infrastructure.

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The association in a statement signed by its chairman, Jude Okonkwo noted that amid Nigeria’s ongoing economic challenges, including exchange rate instability, addressing issues like electricity supply and stabilising the exchange rate would greatly benefit small and medium-scale enterprises and improve the standard of living for the average consumer.

“The Association of Importers of Consumer Goods Lagos (AICGL) is calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to reconsider the construction of the 700KM coastal road from Lagos to Calabar. The association suggests a redirecting of the funds earmarked for this project towards improving electricity supply in the country.

“With Nigeria facing pressing economic challenges, such as the instability of exchange rates, AICGL believes that focusing on issues like electricity supply and exchange rate stabilization will benefit small and medium-scale businesses and improve the lives of the average consumer.

“A stable electricity supply is crucial for business growth and the well-being of Nigerians, Redirecting funds to this critical infrastructure will create a conducive environment for businesses and alleviate financial burdens on importers and consumers”, the association stated.