Friday, June 9, 2023
Lagos Task Force impounds 130 motorcycles

Curb Clashes of Okada Riders and Law Enforcement Agents

The use of motorcycles, popularly known as okada, achaba etc in different parts of the country, as a means of transportation in Nigeria, is...

Road Safety: As We Enter The Ember Months

This is the month of October, a month that usually reminds many that the end of the calendar, and in some cases, business year,...
Okada on Lagos Road

The menace of Commercial Motorcyclists

TRANSPORT DAY EDITORIAL The world over, motorcycle as a means of road transportation has been acknowledged, as it contributes significantly to complement the motor car...

Sanwo Olu and His Body Cameras

TRANSPORT DAY EDITORIAL-APRIL, 2021 In a bid to improve law enforcement and minimize the recurring frictions between law enforcement agencies and the public, Lagos state...
Lagos approves construction of 250 roads, 23 power projects

LASTMA: 20 Years After-the Good, Bad, Ugly

When former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, created the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) in the magic year 2000, it was...

The Ambode’s Transport Projects

As the current dispensations at the federal and state levels give way to new beginnings, it is time to take stock and review the achievements or...

Encouraging Bicycle as means of Transportation

Nigeria is a highly motorised nation. This is because other than moving from one point to another by foot, virtually all the means of...

Checking Reckless Driving on our Roads

  Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) is unarguably one menace that we all have to be concerned because yearly, thousands are sent to their early graves...