Finally, we have come to the last month of the year. December, being the last month of the year is usually characterized by rush, last minute endeavours and long distance travels.

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Many wait until this time of the year to travel to their places of origin to meet with childhood friends, relatives and other loved ones.

So, December is usually a hot season for travel and logistics operators. Transportation fare is usually hiked this period, and unfortunately, many travelers pass through a lot of troubles just to get to their places of destination.

Of all the modes of transportation, land transportation, specifically, road and air transportation are usually the most patronized this season in Nigeria.

Ordinarily, it has been established that land transportation remains the most utilized in the country, mainly because it is the most affordable and most accessible.

Unfortunately, the country’s land transportation infrastructure has remained largely undeveloped over the years, contributing significantly to Road Traffic Crashes.

Now, as a road traveler this season try as much as you can to avoid some perennial bottlenecks that are bound to come up this season.

First, you have to plan ahead. If you are to travel by road with your car, make sure you put the vehicle in a good state. Make sure you check the engine, check the tyres, shock absorbers, lighting system among others.

If you are to hire a driver for the journey, endeavor to engage an experienced driver who is validly licensed to embark on the trip.

Aside poor visibility which may make a driver (no matter how experienced) find it difficult to avoid the uncountable number of pot holes on the roads, the highways are no longer as safe as they use to be because of kidnappers and men of the underworld.

Avoid night trips as much as possible. Set out early in the day in order to cover enough grounds before dawn, if necessary, break your journey and pass the night in an hotel.

For air travelers, the long wait at the airports has always been an issue for concern. Local airports are usually chocked with intending passengers spending hours in departure lounges before boarding. Buy your tickets way ahead of time of travel.

In sum, we advise that those who want to travel this season should try as much as possible to plan their journey ahead, taking into consideration areas that of concern, and not taking anything to chance.