By Ekemini Ekpo Not every driver can change a car tyre. Though not a big deal, every driver needs a Vulcanizer. Changing and sealing of car tyres is the job specialization of Vulcanizers. Call it a dirty job, but how does that matter when it puts food on the table and keeps life going? Then, it’s good business. Vulcanizing business is good business and for your car and car tyres to be road-worthy and safe to drive, you must visit the Vulcanizer’s shade. Vulcanizer business entails the fixing, pumping and gauging of car tyres for people. In this business, you will be involved in remove a rim from tyres, then the tyre, pump a tyre itself, ready for inspection and sealing and/or pumping. How To Become a Vulcanizer in Nigeria A Vulcanizer is one that pumps tyres by the roadside. Vulcanizer work can be started by any age group, maybe (16yrs), the business does not really need that special experience, but you have to be very careful in order not to cause undue damage to other important parts of the tyre. The job might look small, discouraging and unattractive in nature.  An average Vulcanizer in Nigeria makes about N2000 a day. Instead of staying idle, you can start this business and make a living for yourself and family. How Profitable is a Vulcanizer Business Every business has the potential to be attractive if you put your effort and creativity into it. Therefore, you must have a passion for whatever you do. To give your very best to it.  There’s a great opportunity in this business for anyone who decides to take it to another level. The spirit of entrepreneurship is the ability to spot golden opportunities. The rates charged vary from one Vulcanizer to the other, the flat rate for inflating a tyre is N100. An average Vulcanizer inflates about 30 tyres a day. Cost and Financial Requirements for Vulcanizer Business Usually, starting a business begins with an idea, once you think the idea is good enough to build a profitable business, you kick off. Starting doesn’t really require much, firstly let’s look into the capital, the amount needed to start this business can be said to be among the least. All you need is about N50,000 to get a pumping machine, sets of spanners, pliers, blade, glue, adhesive and other materials such as sealants, tubes etc. Vulcanizing Machines, Equipment and Tools You cannot operate a vulcanizing business without a tyre pumping machine. You can get a new one for about N35,000 If you cannot afford a brand pumping machine as described above, then, simply get a fairly-used. This is much less expensive. Without the air pumping machine of your own, you cannot operate this business. There are various brands of air pumping machines used for vulcanizing business in the market. They come in different shapes, sizes and prices. Some new machines come with in-built generators which propels it to pump out the needed air. If you get an air pumping machine without an inbuilt generator, then you must get an external source of power supply to run the business effectively. You can make use of open space, paying little or nothing. To be continued.]]>

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