At a 2 day training organised by the Maritime Reporters Association of Nigeria (MARAN) and sponsored by the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, the Senior Manager, Environmental department- Engr Sani S. Shehu, during his lecture said the Nigerian Ports Authority will commence the enforcement of ballast water control before the end of the year
Ballast water is anything used to provide weight for the purpose of increasing additional stability for a ship loading cargo.
Ballast water has been found to be more efficient and economical in comparison but at the same time, it brings about Harmful Aquatic Organism Pathogen (HAOP).
He stated that all the mechanisms needed for the inspection of ships for ballast water control are in place.
Samples of ballast water from ships that come into the country would be collected and tested to determine if it can be discharged in our country.
In a situation where they find the ballast water harmful for the country, it is referred to where to discharge it. Such water contains invasive species that constitutes a threat to the Marine ecosystem and shipping has been identified as a major way of introducing them to the environment.
According to him, NPA has spent so much money on the laboratory. He also said that in the whole of West Africa, only Nigeria has the sediment treatment facility for this.

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