By Goodness Sunday

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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Special Marshals have called for increased volunteerism in Road Safety Management.

The call was made by the Special Marshals during the 2023 Sectoral Workshop themed “volunteerism in Road Safety Management: Possibilities and Limits” on Thursday, 28th of September 2023 at the conference hall of the Apostolic Church Headquarters, Ketu, Lagos.

In his submission during the event, the Lagos State Sector Commander, FRSC, CC Babatunde Farinloye said “the theme of this Retreat- Volunteerism in Road Safety Management: Possibilities and Limits- speaks eloquently to many purposes, particularly the verity of Special Marshals Unit in itself.

“The establishment of Special Marshal Unit in Federal Road Safety Corps (FSRC) was predicated upon the Philosophy of volunteerism for promotion of safer roads. It goes without saying that the subject of this retreat is of indisputable existential and performance significance.
“Therefore, the need for Volunteers cannot be downplayed in carrying out some of these responsibilities. Today, there are numerous volunteers in the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) serving the public.”

CC Babatunde Farinloye added that “these Special Marshals have shown passion and empathy for the service despite not being remunerated.
“Through the years, the Special Marshals have constituted an integral part of the FRSC and continued to leave indelible footprints on our national road safety consciousness and heritage.

“Our gathering today for the 2023 Special Marshals Sectoral Workshop/Retreat represents another milestone the Command’s commitment to self-examination, reinvigoration and rededication to the true goal and objectives of the Special Marshal Unit within the context of the emerging operational and socio-economic realities.
“In the systemic and multi-disciplinary model of road safety management, as espoused by the Decade of Action currently under implementation across nations, volunteerism occupied a cardinal and prominent place – from individual to corporate volunteerism. It is, in fact, inconceivable to see any nation or society with resounding road safety score-card without active engagement of volunteers in many diverse and systemic forms.”

Special Marshal Sunkanmi Olayanju, the Unit Coordinator for Unit 104 Elevation, Special Marshals said “the Sectoral Workshop is where we learn about the benefits of volunteering and ensure a safer road for Nigerians. It is for proper enlightenment.

“Many of us are professionals in our various places but we have volunteered to ensure that our roads are kept safe.

“So, from time to time, we come for this kind of workshop so that we can learn more of the opportunities that can help prevent accidents on the road.The infrastructure is the key thing.

“If the roads are well paved, if the roads are in good order and with more enlightenment, the road is good. Also, people abiding by rules. We can only do as little as volunteers because we have our limits”. 
Special Marshal William Omolere from Ikorodu command said “it is a very good one, especially for those that have just been trained. They have not observed anything like a Sectoral Workshop like this.

“A Sectoral Workshop is to lecture us about the Dos and Don’ts and give us a sense of belonging, encourage us and give us the happenings that we do not know about.

“The challenge is that motorist do not respect and recognize the Special Marshals on duty as they are seen as just volunteers and not officers”.