Life is much more convenient with our various transfers. You can send money securely and conveniently from anywhere to anyone, any amount in any currency, local or international

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InterSwitch Transfers
This transfer platform enables you electronically transfer funds from your account to accounts in any bank on the Interswitch platform in Nigeria. The beneficiary of the transfer receives value immediately.

NIP (NIBSS Instant Payment) Transfers
With the Nigerian Inter Bank Settlement System transfer option, you can send money from your account to any bank account in Nigeria. The transfer is instantaneous with the beneficiary receiving value immediately.

NEFT Transfers
Certain transfers require a more sedate transmission of value to the beneficiary. The National Electronic Funds Transfer is perfect for this scenario as it takes 24 hours for the beneficiary to receive value. However, you can notify the beneficiary of the payment by sending proof of payment before value for the transfer is received.

Dom to Dom Transfers
This refers to transfers between domiciliary accounts within Zenith Bank. These transfers must be in the same currency as the accounts that are party to the transfer. This means that a transfer of dollars to a GBP-denominated account will not be successful. When done correctly, value is received immediately.

Foreign Currency Transfers
With this transfer platform you can transfer foreign currency to any bank account in the world. You can transfer up to the equivalent of ten thousand US Dollars daily. You must have your hardware token to authenticate all transfers on Internet Banking.

Invisible Remittance
Invisible Remittances relate to payment for services (intangible transactions) such as School Fees, Technical fees, Dividends, Airline Tickets, Loans repayment, Judgment debt, Personal Home Remittance, etc. Invisible remittances are usually paid by SWIFT or Foreign Drafts.