All is not well with e-hailing taxi services in Nigeria as the drivers are protesting poor condition of services.

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According to the Drivers, for them to make ₦15,000 ($36) in revenue daily, they have to spend a minimum of 10 hours on Lagos roads. Using about ₦4,950 ($12) to fuel their cars and then Uber or Bolt will charge ₦3,750 ($9.10) in fees.

After 10-15 hours of work, drivers may be left with around ₦6,300 ($15.29), which at the lowest end is ₦630 ($1.53) for every hour they work.

But it gets worse when you consider that many of the drivers on these platforms get the cars they use through hire-purchase agreements that require them to pay ₦20,000 – ₦30,000 ($48.55 – $72.82) per week.

The drivers say these conditions are unfavourable and want ride-hailing companies to give them a seat at the table in making decisions on pricing. They also want these companies to reduce the commission on rides to 10%.

Speaking in Lagos under the aegis of Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association (PEDPA), the National President of the association Comrade Idris Sonuga said that over 15 members have died untimely as a result of the poor welfare condition and 20 were missing as a result of kidnapping and rituals while some currently suffer permanent disabilities due to non-charlance of the coordinating body over the drivers’ welfare.

He said as a result of the unhealthy and inhumane treatment meted on them by Uber and Bolt Nigeria, drivers cover a minimum of 150 kilometres in 15 hours daily service at N65 per kilometer and N10 per minute fixed by Uber and Bolt Nigeria which amounts to a gross of N15,000 daily. According to him, out of the N15,000, 25 per cent goes to Uber and Bolt Nigeria as commission N4,950 on fuelling and N5,000 as vehicle rental while the drivers are left with a meagre sum of N1,200 out of which feeding, data and airtime will always be taken care off.