The West Africa Auto Show (WAAS) has announced its delight in welcoming Transport Day as a media partner for the new event in the motor maintenance calendar.
WAAS takes place from November 6th-8th at the Landmark Centre in Lagos and is designed to showcase the range of vehicle parts and accessories needed to keep cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and commercial vehicles on Nigeria and West Africa’s roads.
More than 120 exhibitors from across the world will be taking part with over 3,000 professionals from the automotive spare parts and accessories industry expected to visit the trade show. In addition to mechanics, retailers and distributors, the show will appeal to fleet maintenance and workshop managers.
Transport Day will be keeping you up to date with the news and views coming from WAAS, with insight into the latest innovations and best deals available at the show.
WAAS is organised by BtoB Events. Its managing director Jamie Hill said: “It’s great to have Transport Day on board as a media partner. WAAS is a fantastic new opportunity to bring together the automotive parts industry and the mechanics, dealers and suppliers who use and retail these key components.
“There will be thousands of products on display, many of which will be showcased for the first time. We are really pleased that Transport Day will be helping to promote this exciting new event as it will help keep the industry in Nigeria and West Africa up to date with new industry trends and techniques.”
Transport Day Editor, Frank Kintum, added that “partnering with WAAS will definitely facilitate free flow of information about the event and the auto after-market. This is an area with great potentials and opportunities for the local Nigeria and West Africa markets”.
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