By Ignatius Ushie

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The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has reacted to a recent social media video circulating on Tik Tok which purportedly shows the demolition of a plaza located on Lobito Crescent, Wuse II, in Abuja.

Debunking the video as two years old, in a statement made available to Transport Day in Abuja, and signed by Director, Press office of the Hon. Minister, Anthony Ogunleye, it said “We would like to categorically state that the video in question is a deliberate attempt to spread misinformation and create unnecessary panic among residents.

“The video which is being passed as a recent development was recorded two years ago in 2021 and the building featured was not demolished.

“The FCTA wishes to clarify that, instead of demolition, the Department of Development Control identified an infraction related to the building’s use. Subsequently, appropriate measures were taken to address the issue responsibly.

“Contrary to the claims made in the video, the building was not brought down. Rather, the contravening portion was removed to ensure compliance with regulations”.

Adding that, “To provide further clarity, we have attached a current photo of the building taken today, clearly demonstrating that it remains standing. The FCTA takes great care in enforcing regulations while ensuring the well-being and safety of our residents.

“We strongly condemn the deliberate spread of false information, as it undermines the trust and security in our communities. Even more distressing is the ethnic coloration attached to the offending videos. Mischief of this nature is counterproductive and only serves to create unnecessary fear and disaffection.

“The FCTA urges the promoters of such misinformation to desist from these actions, as they contribute nothing positive to the society. We assure residents that the FCTA remains committed to transparent communication and responsible governance. We encourage the public to verify information from reliable sources before spreading it further.”