To curb the challenges that come with the end-to-end movement of humans and cargo in Nigeria, Vetifly has launched its on-demand mobility services in Lagos and across the country via helicopters, premium cars, others, in order to save prime travel time.

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This was conceived to save travellers up to 80 per cent of their typical travel time across the country especially due to the notoriety of Lagos and some other cities in the country for being largely congested with gridlock, such that keeps travellers stuck on the road.

Speaking on the launch, Vetifly’s Country Manager in Nigeria, Abiodun Olawale-Cole, explained that the service showcases how technology can solve the logistics frictions largely associated with populated states. “From trucking to carpooling, to helicopter operations, algorithms can optimise many things, even as we wait for the government to deepen our infrastructural capabilities. So, the idea is to help Nigerians who cannot afford to be stuck in traffic, reclaim their time to move smarter and quicker.”

The services would allow anyone to book up to 90 days into the future, and on an on-demand basis, as well as the option for helicopter seat-sharing, or charter along key routes starting between Ikeja and Victoria Island, with plans to add more routes to cover Lagos, and eventually most cities of the country. Also, Vetifly will provide white-glove services catering to the peculiar needs of corporations.

He added that considering how human life is measured in minutes and seconds; time lost could never be regained, hence the need for vetifly to develop a first-of-its-kind service that enables swift modes of travelling via air, water, and land.

“To efficiently offer these unique services, Vetifly has collaborated with the best operators of helicopters, premium cars, boats, etc. in Nigeria who are licensed by the appropriate regulatory agencies. This service would allow anyone to book a helicopter ride with the option of adding a premium car pickup and drop-off.”

Olawale-Cole further said: “At the core of Vetifly’s ethos is passenger safety and security, as it is required that all operators implement a variety of measures to ensure the security of all passengers. This includes mandatory passenger identification checks at helipads, safety briefings, and protocols. Also, we work with all operators to ensure that they abide by the guidelines laid down by regulators in their domain, including ensuring that operators operate modern, well-equipped helicopters, cars, boats, etc. that are operated and maintained in accordance with all applicable regulatory and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements.”