The Nigerian headquarters of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), has thrown it weight behind Verisure, an integrated IT solutions and software manufacturing company with head office in the United Kingdom, and operating in Nigeria.
This endorsement came recently after a comprehensive delivery by Verisure Nigeria Limited at the Annual General Meeting of the CILT held in Lagos and attended by industry operators in the public and private sectors.
CILT believe it is high time the haulage industry had this form of technological intervention in terms of driver performance rating and background checks to ensure that the human element in the value chain of haulage services is to a large extent regulated. CILT also believes that the coming onboard of Drivercheck will go a long way in easing the troubles associated with recruiting drivers of unscrupulous behaviour who, often times,  have collapsed businesses worth millions of naira.
These same drivers may still be in the system as there have, hitherto, been no objective way and manner of flagging them and ultimately flushing them out of the system.
According Olumuyiwa Adewunmi, a Director of the company, “we recently launched a new and innovative IT product/software, specifically targeted at the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry, haulage companies, as well as the various national transport unions with a large pool of drivers in their employ”.
He added that Verisure is being generally accepted in the country as many fleet owners have come to appreciate the importance of keying into the system in order to ensure the smooth flow of their businesses.
Adewunmi explained that Verisure provides “DriversCheck™, a drivers database where haulage drivers are duly registered and their details updated to make for easy check on their status. Before employing a driver, you should look them up on DriversCheck™ to ensure you are employing a driver whose integrity is guaranteed”.
“Current and constant reporting on driver’s activities to give an overall picture of a driver’s professional or work attitude. Employment information database like guarantor’s current information, Driver’s License check and verification, to determine employability Allows for easy traceability in the case of theft and locks out offending drivers hence preventing a re-occurrence by such drivers again in the industry. The product is absolutely free to Transporters”.
Adewunmi, an international haulage expert also said all registered drivers are covered by a fidelity guarantee insurance, just as they are issued Verisure Identity Cards which includes drivers’ VIN (Verisure Identification Number) that is unique to each driver and guarantees confidentiality of all stored data about each driver on the Drivercheck app.
With a mission to standardize the haulage industry in terms of driver information, record keeping and performance monitoring and management, the company’s vision is to be the go-to company for any issues relating to driver recruitment, training and discipline for the Haulage industry.

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