Unilever Nigeria Plc, has rewarded a few of its drivers for outstanding performance and promoting the company’s commitment to sustainable living and safety practices.

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At a weeklong event to herald the 2023 Transporters’ Safety Week in Agbara, Ogun State, the management spared no expense to celebrate as well as recognise the drivers who have made impact.

Speaking at the event, the Planning and Go-To-Market Director, Unilever Nigeria, Tobi Adeniyi, articulated the significance of this year’s theme, ‘Sáfèty lókàn, shëy jéjé,’ by describing it as what embodies its collective effort in setting and maintaining the golden standard for safety.

According to him, through the support of government road transport agencies, the transporters are reminded of best safety practices that include defensive driving training, health talks/medical checkup and cargo security training.

The grand finale of the celebrations focused on the recognition of exemplary drivers and transport companies that have upheld safety standards to the highest order, he added.

“We are pleased with the positive response we get from our team of transporters for upholding safety standards. As a business, Unilever puts the safety of its people first,” Adeniyi said, adding that as Unilever celebrates its 100 years in Nigeria this year, “safety has been a key part of our operations that we have upheld over the years.

“Through the years, our impact cuts across several sectors, enabling us to contribute to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.”