UK new-car sales moved up 1.4 percent to 81,969 in February, assisted by big boosts at Volvo, Renault, Jaguar and Volkswagen. The rise ended a five-month run of successive declines in the market.
Diesel sales plunged 14 percent for a market share of 29.6 percent, while gasoline registrations climbed 8.3 percent for a 64.9 percent share, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said.
The top five best-selling brands in the market had mixed results.

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Ford’s registrations fell 14 percent, while No. 2 VW brand saw sales rise 13 percent. Third-placed BMW’s volume rose 1.8 percent.
Big gainers included Volvo, whose registrations hiked 48 percent, while Renault was up 46 percent and Jaguar sales grew 34 percent. Vauxhall volume increased 0.9 percent.
Losers last month included Porsche, whose registrations dipped 52 percent, and Fiat, whose sales decreased 27 percent.
In the first two months, sales plummeted 0.6 percent to 242,982, the SMMT said.