Alhaji Sulaiman Sulaiman, the South West regional manager of PAN Nigeria Limited, assembler and distributor of Peugeot and Higer vehicles in Nigeria, has been honoured with the title of Dan Adalan Azara (man of equity, fairness and justice) by the Emir of Azara, Azara Emirate Council, Nasarawa state, His Royal Highness, Dr. Kabiru Musa.

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The event which held during the recent Eid festivities, at the palace of the traditional ruler, was remarkable as Sulaiman was the first personality to be so honoured with that title.

A prominent former banker, frontline indigene and critical stakeholder in politics of the state as well as former Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Nasarawa state, Alhaji Ahmed Mohamed stated that “This is an honour richly deserved and my prayers for you is that your appointment as Dan Adalan Azara is a stepping stone to greater heights and successes in your life in sha Allah.

“May Allah SWT grant you sound health,  longevity and devine wisdom to discharge your responsibilities creditably, add exceeding value to your Royal Kingdom and bring forth modest socio-economic growth and development as well as communal peace and harmony in your community.

“This is testament to your accustomed commitment to hard work and silent philanthropy to humanity. May Allah SWT bless you richly and grant you devine rahama and Allah’s abiding grace in the conduct of your affairs. Ameen. Congratulations,  my Dear Brother.

After the event, the former Commissioner added- “Congratulations yet again for achieving honours and a wonderful laurel in your apparels of life’s metamorphosis.

Allah shall continually be your strength and pillar for navigating through the burden of leadership placed upon you successfully.  May His divine grace and wisdom provide for you the fulcrum of uncommon service to your people to not only meet but in fact exceed their expectations. I know your capacity and so I am confident you will discharge your traditional role exceptionally well, given your pedigree of selfless services to humanity. May Allah SWT be with you at all points of your need. Congrats my dear brother.  I wish you a very successful and rewarding reign. Allah tayaka riko.”

In his response, Alhaji Sulaiman Sulaiman appreciated the gesture and promised to put in his best in the discharge of the responsibilities that come with the title.