Toyota has been implementing “safety” measures to help create safer vehicles. Toyota analyzes the causes of the accident and passenger injuries by using various accident investigation data. These accidents are reenacted in various simulations to create counter-plan technologies. In addition, experiments on an actual full-scale vehicle are conducted before launching the vehicle. Afterwards, the effectiveness of the technologies is inspected by assessing any accidents that might occur. Toyota strive to learn from actual accidents to continue to meet industry’s ever higher standards in safety. The “Integrated Safety Management Concept” pursues a higher level of safety by linking each individual safety technology system equipped on vehicles. Toyota hope to achieve a vehicle that causes no accidents by implementing safety technologies and developing automobiles that communicate with road infrastructure and surrounding vehicles. In the “Integrated Safety Management Concept”, driving circumstances are classified by the intensity of possible dangers. Toyota pursues its goal to create a vehicle that causes no accidents by supporting the driver in each stage of driving (Parking, Active Safety, Pre-Collision Safety, Passive Safety and Rescue) and integrating each system.]]>

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