The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has disengaged some power feeders of the Kano Electricity Distribution Company and may further increase sanctions against the Disco following KEDCO’s failure to comply with the sector’s market rules.
TCN’s Managing Director, Usman Mohammed, stated in Kano that the Disco would remain disconnected until it implements what was expected of it.
He was quoted in a statement issued in Kano as saying, “No Disco is currently under disconnection, except Kano Disco. Others which complied with the rules have been reconnected by TCN.”
Mohammed explained that none of the disconnections of other Discos lasted for one week, except that of Kano Disco.
He stressed that despite the fact that Kano Disco was initially disconnected like other Discos, the company had yet to comply with TCN’s demands.
He further noted that the transmission company only decided to reconnect KEDCO due to Sallah celebrations, but had to disconnect them thereafter.
“The feeders we disconnected in Kano also feed other households, but the intention is to force them to comply with the market rules and do the right thing,” Mohammed stated.
The General Manager, Public Affairs, TCN, Ndidi Mbah, told one of our correspondents on Monday that the transmission company only disconnected two of the Disco’s feeders and warned that further sanctions would come if the Disco fails to comply.
She said, “Kano is yet to fix the default that prompted their suspension in the first place. Now, it is important to state that it was just the two feeders that connect directly to their officers that were disconnected.
“And, of course, this will affect a few customers who are connected to these feeders. But the larger Kano is not affected.”
Mbah added, “So, what’s happening now is that because they’ve not fixed the default that prompted their suspension, we will count 30 days beginning from the date of their first suspension.
“If they don’t fix this default after the 30 days, further sanctions will be meted out based on market rules.”
She noted that the TCN was concerned about customers in the franchise areas under KEDCO, which was why it did not carry out a massive disconnection of the power firm.

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