In a sweeping success, Stallion Motors was conferred with four prestigious awards by the Nigerian Auto Journalists Association (NAJA) amongst an array of auto players. NAJA awards are the most recognized and mentioned of all car awards in Nigeria. The association hands out a multitude of awards in a variety of categories from automobile sector.
Stallion’s VON was awarded, ‘The best assembler and manufacturer of the year’. Honda Accord was clearly the favourite choice for “The Best Executive Car of the Year’. Hyundai was chosen as the “The highest selling brand of the year” and the fairly new, yet the formidable player Changan was awarded the “Fastest Emerging brand of the Year”.
Stallion group’s automobile division consists of a collective sub-group of companies which represent globally renowned automobile brands on an exclusive basis for distribution, sales and aftersales service. Stallion group represents these brands through independent management and collectively contribute to over 49% share of the new automobiles market in Nigeria.
According to Stallion, the best assembler and manufacturer award to Stallion’s VON is a testimony to the investment done by the organisation to get global brands to the Nigerian customers that are locally produced and are best suited for these roads.
The assembly plant has an annual capacity of 200,000 units and six dedicated lines for passenger cars and two for commercial vehicles. The company employs hundreds of employees in the sector and has invested more than N 130 Bn in auto sector from manufacturing to sales to service and after sales.
Best Executive Car of the Year to Honda Accord amongst stiff competition is also a proof of Stallion Group’s approach to create the right brand salience in this market. The Honda Place (THP) is the first company of the group’s automotive business. Since then THP has developed impressive world class auto facilities for sales and service, delivering a global brand experience to customers in Nigeria.
Hyundai won the “Highest Selling Brand in Nigeria”, it has gained the momentum and trajectory to attain the status of a world-class automotive brand. Represented through Hyundai Motors Nigeria – Stallion Group Company, the vehicles are now custom designed to meet local tastes and are the highest selling cars in the new car segment.
Changan was conferred the award for being the fastest emerging brand in Nigeria. Changan is one of the top Chinese auto brands that is gaining immense popularity in Nigeria for its value offering across automotive segments. The CS series brought Changan into the heart of the growing SUV market in Nigeria. Zahav Motors a Stallion Group company has significantly invested in local production of these vehicles making these vehicles the best drive for Nigeria.

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