The well known Stallion Group has added another brand to its auto division lineup with the acquisition of the renowned Bajaj franchise for three-wheelers and four-wheelers.

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Managing Director of Stallion Auto KeKe Limited, Mr. Manish Rohtagi stated in a recent interview that the alliance between Stallion Group and Bajaj will ultimately benefit the economy as the companies envisage providing employment opportunities to about five million Nigerians directly and indirectly over the next five years.

According to him, the “Nigerian consumers are very evolved and well-informed, and they have a keen eye for value for money, and support by the company. We are committed to bring this to them.”

Acknowledging that Stallion Group feels the pains of tricycle operators in the country, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, he stated that “over the last two to three months, we have reached out to our dealers and they in turn to the riders.

We have started distributing palliatives through Stallion’s charitable arm Stallion Empowerment Initiative.”

He also added that due to the pandemic and to enhance the safety of driver and passengers, “a flexible separator is designed to keep the passengers and driver away and we are going to distribute it at no cost to our dealers.

Apart from this, we are also preparing a specialised kit that will include mask and sanitizers for both the drivers and commuters.”

Mr. Manish Rohtagi
Mr. Manish Rohtagi.

On after-sales service and spare parts, the Managing Director explained that since after-sales and spare parts availability has been the backbone of Stallion Motors over the years, the Bajaj brand is bound to enjoy the same.

According to him, “we have well-established processes which are laid down by Bajaj Auto based on experience on product and customer requirements.

We will have a dedicated network of service and spares which will be handled by highly trained Nigerians engineers and technicians. Highest level of craftsmanship is what one can see in our dedicated team of engineers and technician.”

Manish Rohtagi who reasoned that the country has a potential to absorb about two million tricycles advocated for the use of LPG and CNG which are more environmentally friendly.

On the Bajaj tricycle advantage, he explained that “Bajaj Keke is known for its durability, speed and manoeuvrability.

The RE- Keke and the load carrier category called Maxima Cargo is expected to grow at a much faster rate as Stallion will actively push for the adoption of Cargo tricycles by an existing partner and customer ecosystem.

Bajaj is the pioneer brand of tricycles in Nigeria loved by millions across the countries and partnership with Stallion further adds to the strength.”

Mr. Manish Rohtagi.
Mr. Manish Rohtagi.

Describing the alliance between Stallion Group and Bajaj as a welcome development, he said “Stallion Group’s vision is to adopt global best practices and localize it to develop a scalable, impactful and sustainable business that is committed to improving the socio-economic conditions of the communities.

Stallion brand is now a household name in Nigeria touching lives every day with its products, be it rice, fish, auto sales & distribution, assembling and many more.

“Bajaj Auto, on the other hand, is a world leader in the intracity vehicle space. Loved in 70 countries, the brand stands for integrity, dedication, resourcefulness and determination to succeed and empower.

With similar brand ethos, we believe that this alliance will go a long way in empowering Nigerians to be self-reliant and improve the interests of the stakeholders be it employees, dealers, distributors, vendors, mechanics, unions, logistic operators or bankers.”