In Commemoration of the 2021 World Sight Day, Lagos Bus Services Limited (LBSL), in conjuction with a pharmaceutical organisation, Novartis and Reimagining Medicine, educated thousands of Lagosians on how to cultivate good and healthy habits that would further enhance their vision and save them impaired sight.

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In a statement released by the  Managing Director of LBSL, Mr. Idowu Oguntona, in Lagos on Saturday, he said that the initiative was one of the ways through which the company caters for the wellbeing of its passengers. As service providers, our commitment to our passengers well-being is absolute.

He said: “As a responsible and caring organisation, we decided to do an outreach to our customers who are our major stakeholders.The importance of good sight and well being of our passengers cannot be over emphasized as this will in turn lead to productivity and engagement.

I am very hopeful that with the information  provided through this outreach and enlightenment session, our passengers and by extension, Lagosians will begin to take seriously the status of their eyesight and well-being.”

Oguntona, also cautioned road users generally, to take extra caution in planning their journeys during the ‘Ember months’ period, by driving carefully and commuting safely within the metropolis.

He implored all road users to be patient and responsible in their conduct, particularly when driving, by abstaining from alcohol before embarking on their journeys.

The LBSL boss encouraged passengers to patronize LBSL Buses for maximun comfort, reliability, efficiency, and safety, adding that the company is committed to improving its level of service delivery to Lagosians.

According to him, the company would continue to work studiously, to ensure that passengers have more pleasurable experiences whilst using the LBSL Bus service.

Meanwhile, Dr Benson Uzomma, the team lead of Novartis during the exercise, said that the awareness and sensitization was also educating the passengers about cardiovascular diseases.

Benson said that cardiovascular disorders can also lead to different eye related problems, stating that “People that have cardiovascular diseases may be at a higher risk of developing certain types of eye problems.”

He added that the results of some findings conducted informed the decision of the organisation to continue to sensitize people to be aware of  the importance of regular screening of their hearts and eyes periodically.

Novartis commended the management of LBSL for their commitment and approach to the partnership which had gone a long way in creating awareness on Good Eye Health Guide in celebration of this year 2021 World Sight Day.