…Says No Vessel Caught Fire

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Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited has stated that the media reports on the fire incident in the port is misleading. Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited is a subsidiary of Sifax.

According to a Statement from Sifax, “Our attention has been drawn to some misleading reports in the press after a fire incident at a terminal operated by one of our subsidiaries, Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited, at Tin Can Island Port, Lagos.
Here are the facts about the fire incident.

1.     At about 12:30 pm on Thursday, July 20, 2023, one of our equipment, a shore crane, developed a sudden technical fault and before anything could be done to fix it, it went up in flames. 

2.     There was a quick response from all stakeholders which resulted in putting out the fire as soon as possible, even though substantial damage was done to the equipment.

3.     Normalcy was returned to the terminal after containing the fire and our operations resumed.

4.     The vessel at berth as at the time of the incident was not affected by the fire while containers, both those on board the vessel as well as other consignments at the terminal, were not affected also.

5.     There was no loss of life, as the operator working on the affected equipment was safely rescued without any injury. 

6.     The said equipment as well as all other equipment and facilities at the terminal are all insured. 

7.     As a company, we are committed to operational excellence in a safe and secure environment for the collective good of all our stakeholders – customers, agents, staff, regulators and the general public. 

8.     We urge the public to disregard any sensational reports on the incident and stay with the facts as stated here.

9.     We urge the press to please ensure their reports are accurate so members of the public are not misled and create unnecessary panic in the industry and beyond.  

  1.  Our sincere appreciation goes to individuals and organisations who reacted swiftly to the emergency situation including: Nigerian Ports Authority, Master and crew of MV Argeciras Express and the Lagos State Fire Service team. Kudos also to the staff of Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited.”