In what appears to be a loggerhead, shippers in Nigeria have have resisted the recently imposed $300 Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) on Nigeria-bound containers from Asian countries by Maersk.

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The shippers insisted that there is a subsisting court injection preventing the shipping lines from increasing charges without due process.

According to them, the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC), is not aware of the action and has not advised on such an increase, insisting that they would not pay the surcharge.

Only two days ago, Maersk had imposed a $300 PSS on 1x40ft units and $150 on 1x20ft unit containers heading to Nigeria from China, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

The Nigeria PSS, which became effective on January 8, 2024, also applies to containers originating from Brunei, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and East Timor.

Also, the surcharge from Vietnam to Nigeria and other West African countries will be effective on January 18, while the surcharge from Taiwan to Nigeria and other West African countries will be effective on February 2.

The Shippers reason that there is only one peak season in a year, which comes July, August, September, October and at worst, November, noting that having a peak season introduced in January, which is a harsh period when people are recouping, is unfair.

The Vice Chairman of Business Action Against Corruption (BAAC) Integrity Alliance, Lagos, Jonathan Nicol, said the shipping line is indirectly introducing two peak seasons a year.

“The peak period is supposed to be July, August, September, October, at worst, November, now, they are introducing it in January. So, how long will it take? If you include January and February, what about March, April?