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L-R: Managing Director, Transit Support Services Limited, Mr. Frank Nneji; Executive Director, Logistics and Distribution, Dangote Group, Mr. Abdul Dantata and General Manager, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import
& Export Co. Limited, Mr. Tian Chao during a meeting at Dangote group
Following the visit of the General Manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import & Export Co. Limited, Mr. Tian Chao, to Nigeria, SHACMAN Trucks GM and Transit Support Services Ltd (TSS) officials visited the biggest and most consistent buyer of SHACMAN trucks, Dangote group and took a tour to the refinery at Ibeju-Lekki in Lagos.
Mr Tian expressed happiness that over 400 units of SHACMAN trucks were deployed in the refinery construction where they proved their ruggedness and reliability.
He commended Dangote group for their trust and support for the brand saying that Shaanxi Automobile will also provide an overall solution based on the whole product life cycle and the whole process of customer operation, adding that “SHACMAN would continue to do its best in contributing to the refinery project by providing quality and affordable SHACMAN vehicles to support the smooth completion of the project”.
“We will join forces with TSS to continue to do a better job in after-sales service and parts support, and innovate business model to create greater value for our customers” Tian said.
The Executive Director, Logistics and Distribution, Dangote Group, Mr Abdul Dantata, welcomed the officials of SHACMAN and TSS, thanked them for the visit and assured them that the group would continue to patronise SHACMAN vehicles. “Patronage of SHACMAN trucks was based on their quality, we hope it will continue and you will continue to give us the best, we will continue to give more business support to SHACMAN brand” Dantata said.
Mr. Dantata also said “being in the middle between SHACMAN and Dangote group, TSS have given much support to both companies, hence we will continue to patronize the SHACMAN brand”.
Thanking the Executive Director, Mr. Abdul Dantata, for the warm reception, the Chairman of TSS a subsidiary of ABC Transport plc, Mr. Frank Nneji, said that “we will continue to give all the supports, SHACMAN believes that the business doesn’t end with selling the trucks, it continues with following the trucks through its life span and we will continue to respond very swiftly to calls with the support of SHACMAN even at very short notices”.
SHACMAN GM promised to consistently support TSS to provide more quality services to the customers and assured that TSS engineers will continue to be trained on SHACMAN products; he also said that more units of trucks and spare parts will be available in Nigeria for a good price advantage to customers. Now customers won’t have to wait for months to get their orders and they will no longer patronize fake spare parts dealers. Plans are also on-going between the two organisations to build a CKD assembling plant in Nigeria.
Being the biggest customer of SHACMAN brand in Nigeria, Dangote Group has since the entrance of SHACMAN vehicles into the Nigeria market through Transit Support Services Limited as SHACMAN Nigeria five years ago bought over 2,000 units of the brand. The group recently placed an order for about 350 units of SHACMAN heavy duty trucks assembled at the ANAMMCO plant in Enugu.
Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile, Manufacturers of SHACMAN Heavy and Medium Duty Trucks and Road Tractors is one of the biggest trucks manufacturing companies in China.

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