A cargo plane crash near South Sudan’s capital, Juba, has left four passengers and three crew dead, the transport minister has revealed.

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The aircraft which belong to a local operator, crashed shortly after its early morning takeoff on Saturday, in the Kameru neighbourhood around seven kilometres west of the city’s international airport.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that aircraft lost height shortly after departure and fell in a farm near the suburbs of Juba.

Although the wing section is somewhat intact, the fuselage of the aircraft has been destroyed due to impact and fire.

Seven dead as cargo plane crash in South Sudan
The Crashed Cargo Plane.

The aircraft, registered YI-AZR, was carrying motorbikes, spare parts, food items, and NGO staff salaries

“There were eight people on board, three passengers and five crew. A single person from among the passengers survived and she is in good health,” Transport Minister Madut Biar Yol told AFP.

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“The four other passengers and the three crew members are dead.”

According to the Minister, the crew members were Russian while the passengers were all South Sudanese.

The plane owned by local company South West Aviation had been carrying cash to the Wau region in the country’s northwest for Juba-based Opportunity Bank.