Renowned international safety expert and advocate, Mr. Patrick Adenusi, has called out British Airways (BA) over two cases of missing/unaccompanied luggage in the United States of America and in Nigeria.

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According to Adenusi in a post on Social Media, “Last year May, I traveled from Singapore to the US with British Airways, and sadly my travel bag didn’t come on the connecting flight in London. I had no clothes save what I wore. I had to quickly get toiletries and clothes to wear for my first meeting that evening. I repeated same for the next day because my luggage was yet to be delivered. My luggage was later delivered in the early hours of the third day.

“Industry practice is for the airline to bear the cost of items you got for your comfort. Eight months after, British Airways, is still moping with extreme poor customer service. They didn’t refund the cost I incurred. I’m not burden by the cost; I dislike their extreme poor customer service.

“Their initial email was that they’ve remitted the cost and subsequently said, they have a lot to respond to, that will get to me. The same thing was repeated on my return leg to Lagos; my luggage didn’t come with the flight. They delivered my luggage in the US, but in Nigeria, I had to travel back to pick my luggage the following day at my expense.

“British Airways lost the client in me from there on. We would have flown them this past December, my mind is made up, it will never happen again to go on any of their future flights.”

As at the time of filing this report, BA could not be reached.