Caverton Helicopters have been declared “persona non grata for endangering the lives of Rivers people by its suspicious operations” by the Rivers state government.
Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers made the declaration after leading the arrest and prosecution of two Carveton Pilots who flew in expatriates into the state, an act which violated the state government’s order on closure of all borders including the air space.
In a statewide broadcast yesterday April 8, Governor Nyesom Wike directed council chairmen to close offices of Carverton Helicopters across the state.
“We appreciate the need to protect business interests and operations in the state and we will do whatever that is required to ensure that no business is unduly affected by the measures we have taken to combat the Coronavirus.
“However, we shall not welcome businesses or companies that value their business activities or profit more than or in clear disregard of the lives and health of our people.
“By its actions, Carveton Helicopters have clearly shown that Rivers lives do not matter to it. It is an enemy of Rivers people and is hereby declared persona non grata in Rivers State. With this declaration, Carveton Helicopters can only choose to operate in any part of Rivers State at its own risk as Local Government chairmen have been directed to close their offices and prevent their operations.”

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