Renault said on Monday that it had filed a civil-party petition after French prosecutors last week opened a formal investigation into alleged misappropriation of funds at the automaker by former chief Carlos Ghosn.
“Renault will continue to fully cooperate with the judicial authorities,” the company said in a short statement.
Renault said it reserved “the right to seek damages based on the outcome of the investigation.”
Lawyers for Brazilian-born Ghosn, who jumped Japanese bail in December and is now in his native Lebanon, on Friday delayed a lawsuit seeking a hefty retirement payout for their client from Renault, saying the company had not given them enough time to prepare arguments.
Ghosn is seeking a 250,000 ($270,000) retirement payout, which Renault refuses to pay because it says he was forced to quit after his shock November 2018 arrest in Japan on multiple charges of financial wrongdoing.
The former industry titan claims he retired in due form of his own accord.
Last week, French prosecutors stepped up their investigation into alleged misappropriation of funds at Renault by the former auto executive, saying a judge had now been assigned to the case to launch a formal investigation.

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