Two people were killed when a passenger train travelling between Australia’s two biggest cities derailed on Thursday, with medics saying many were being assessed for injuries.
Emergency services said the train from Melbourne to Sydney came off the tracks near the town of Wallan, around 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of Melbourne.
Police confirmed two people died in the accident.
Ambulance Victoria said one person was rushed to the hospital and said to be in a stable condition, while 11 more were being treated for minor injuries.
Images posted on social media showed carriages on their side and at angles by the side of the tracks.
“Stuff flew off our tables, people started moving around, luggage went flying,” Scott Rickard, a passenger on the train, told public broadcaster ABC.
Her carriage finished up on an angle but most of her fellow passengers had only minor injuries, she said.
There were around 160 people aboard the train at the time of the accident, around 7:45 pm (0845 GMT).
More than twenty emergency vehicles were sent to the scene.

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