In a strategic move to align into the ongoing Presidential lnitiative on Compressed Natural Gas programme ( Pi-CNG), lower the cost of both institutional and corporate fleet operations including individual vehicle buyers as well as bolster investor confidence, RT. Briscoe Plc Motors Division, has set up conversion centres that will make it possible for vehicles using petrol to swith to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

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According to the company, the CNG conversion kits are manufactured in Europe with the one of the best global rating standards while RT. Briscoe Plc automotive division has well trained technical and professional team that can handle the installation.

Group Managing Director of RT Briscoe, Seyi Onajide, stated this recently during an interactive session with journalists in Lagos.

He said “We started the conversion of petrol or diesel engine cars into CNG and LPG without government funding, and we believe it is the future. We have successfully done that on some Pick-up vehicles”.

The RT. Briscoe Plc CEO disclosed that the company has submitted a proposal to the Presidential CNG committee. “They invited us to participate in the CNG initiative. We believe that, the average vehicle owner in Nigeria and even commuters can benefit from this initiative because it has a lot of benefits. It will save costs for the motoring public,” he said.

While the future looks promising, Seyi Onajide however said the initiative is challenged by the few CNG and LPG refilling stations.

To kick-start the project, he said, RT Briscoe Plc has approached some corporate institutions that are fleet owners that have justifiable reasons to invest in building gas-refilled plants in their premises.

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(R-L)Seyi Onajide, GMD/CEO; Dr Olorunfemi Eguaikhide, ED Operations; Jubril Shittu, Group Finance Director; Titilola Sodipo, Head of Business, Briscoe Material Handling and Equipments all of R.T.Briscoe Plc during a media briefing in Lagos.

According to him, until gas refilling stations are readily available, CNG would be limited to big organisations that can house and store their gas.

Highpoint of the event was the inspection and hand-on test drive of the finished vehicles already running on petrol, but also converted to run on compressed natural gas.

RT Briscoe Plc is engaged in the sales and servicing of Toyota vehicles, technical services, material handling and property development and management.

The Presidential CNG Initiative (Pi-CNG) is a component of the palliative intervention of the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration directed at providing succour to the masses occasioned by the transitive hardships of the fuel subsidy removal policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

With a projected $2.5 billion investment by 2027, the Presidential CNG Initiative is poised to drive Nigeria towards a sustainable and prosperous future.