Following a slide in the oil and gas industry as it affects the use of substandard gas infrastructures, Princemaltic Global has come to the rescue by the introduction of standards and experts who will help to project what is being done in Nigeria to par with the best international practices.

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Princemaltic Global, an oil and gas company that specialises in gas vending, sales & installation of LNPG plants/Tanks and also into plant maintenance amongst others, recently signed a  partnership with G-BoS Builder Limited, who will oversee the civil engineering works of the company.

Speaking during the partnership meeting in Port Harcourt yesterday, the Managing Director, Princemaltic Global, Prince Onyebuchi Enyinnaya said he started as a gas vendor in 2016/2017 after which he took a bold step to learn plant installation.

He said “Plant installation requires all standards because the solidness of the plant is what the Department for Petroleum Resources (DPR) is looking for, so as an installer, I decided to add more strength to give customers best of services.”

Prince O. Enyinnaya confirmed to Cliffsimeon Akalonu that his partnership with G-BoS will go a long way to cover the gaps ranging from LNPG brickworks that are not of standards and will give room to train and raise indigenous builders in the sector.

The MD also revealed that G-BoS Builder Limited, has referred his company to some jobs and “we will continue doing so even internationally because partnership is one of the catalysts that grow a company.

“Before now, I used to work with other big installers who are getting jobs regularly and they pay me on a daily basis but now that we are fully registered, our handwork has started speaking for us with an example of a standard gas plant we erected in Port Harcourt, Racon Gas, De-Maker Gas in Asaba among others.

Gerrit Bos who in an appreciation, urged Prince Onyebuchi Enyinnaya, the Managing Director, Princemaltic Global, to maintain stability and put his focus on his establishment stated that it is not easy now because of the fragile economy.

The MD G-BoS Builder Limited also reminded Princemaltic Global to think of standards and be prepared to tour the world for business.

Prince Onyebuchi Enyinnaya, also pointed at training/retraining as part of the challenges in the industry thereby calling on the government and relevant stakeholders to look into training of people because “10 years to come, almost everyone in Nigeria will be using gas in one way or the other and who will be there to render these installation and maintenance services to them?”