The power generated by gas-fired plants has increased by 445 megawatts in the last five months due to an increase in the gas supply by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

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Data obtained on domestic gas supply to the power sector from the NNPC in Abuja revealed that gas supply to thermal plants increased between January and May this year.

The figures from the oil firm showed that during the period, gas supply to the plants moved up by 194 million standard cubic feet per day and led to 445MW increase in the quantum of power generated for the national grid.

It was also observed that in January 2020, a total of 640mmscfd of gas was supplied to the gas-fired plants for the generation of 2,683MW of electricity.

The volume of gas supply to the plants increased to 834mmscfd in May 2020, shooting up power generation by the plants to 3,128MW.

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Based on data from the NNPC’s latest figures on domestic gas supply, the 834mmscfd volume that was supplied in May this year was the highest volume released to the thermal plants in 2020.

This led to the highest quantum of power produced by the gas-fired plants in 2020, as the facilities generated 3,128MW in May.

The constraints in gas supply to power plants had repeatedly limited the quantum of electrifying generated on the national grid.