Chief Reginald Amadi is a registered freight forwarder, and Managing Director, AMAREG Group of companies as well as the Public Relations Officer of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Custom Agents (ANLCA), Warri Branch.
In this interview with Cliffsimeon Akalonu he speaks on how needful it is to put to function sea and dry ports infrastructures in other parts of the country to de-congest Lagos.
What are the challenges from Warri port ?
The challenge in Warri port is an industrial politics designed by the Federal government and stakeholders to always kill Warri and other ports around Nigeria, because they know that if Warri picks, it will kill most of the activities in Lagos because it is centralized for business and it connects to so many states in Nigeria and Africa.
Secondly, these ports in the South South and South Eastern parts of Nigeria can also help in the cost of transaction for example, I have cleared more than four 40ft containers in Lagos and lost my container deposit due to longer time of about a week to take delivery of the containers and return empty containers.
Why are the other ports are not as functional like the ones in Lagos or is the NPA not doing enough to revive other sea and dry ports within the nation?
Warri port is bigger than Tincan and Apapa ports. Warri has two ports and if merged together, is bigger than the ports in Lagos, so why wouldn’t they concentrate and give something better If more ports are being functional, you will see the wide spread of job opportunities.
Sir, why are we still operating manually in port operations?
The truth is that most leaders has voted much money for automation but I want to tell you that physical examination must be done if not so, one day Nigeria will be in trouble.
Can you compare Warri and Lagos ports?
Warri ports are very unique places for clearing cargoes and I can quote it anywhere. The only difference is that Lagos is bombarded just because it is the Africa’s trade hub.
What is Delta State government doing to sustain her ports?
I can tell you that the Delta State government is not doing enough to resuscitate the speedy use and patronization of Warri ports. Though they are supporting, but their support is on the lips and not practical. I have written letters to them on the need to partner with Nigerian Ports Authority to revive the ports and huge profit out of it.
As a registered freight forwarder and Public Relation Officer of ANLCA Warri Branch, what is your take on the presidential order on the ease of doing business in our ports?
Federal government should distribute the landing of cargoes to different ports like Warri and Port Harcourt to ease off Lagos.
There is no need building a dry port in Kaduna when cargoes lands at the seaport in Lagos, so, how long will it take to offload and take back to Kaduna through train. These should be the first step to take on the ease of doing business in our ports.
What are your expectations for 2020?
We expect more turn around in this year and as well accomplish most things we couldn’t achieve last year. We also expect that the federal government and its agencies will sit up to the fact that businesses in Nigeria must be catered for and should not be one sided when making business decisions in the country. We also expect more business, public enlightenment, trainings and high business patronage.
What is the level of patronage?
The level of patronage is encouraging and I pray for more this year 2020.
What will be your words of advice to your customers?
My advice is that everyone should maintain where he or she is and remain focused to God who controls what we do. Do your best and leave the rest for God.

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