The Lagos State Secretary and Assistant Zonal Secretary (Lagos and Ogun States), Special Marshals, SM Olabisi O. Dennis, on Saturday, received a humanitarian award as a ” Road Safety Star Achiever”, organized by the Road Accident Information and Rescue Organisation, a non-governmental Road Safety Organisation based in Ibadan.

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SM Olabisi is a member of the road safety special marshal whose rank rose from being a regular member to a unit coordinator, then to an executive member at the state level and now the assistant zonal secretary of the Special Marshals, Ogun and Lagos states. He is also an entrepreneur.

Speaking to news men after the awards ceremony, Special Marshal Olabisi Dennis, said that the award came as a surprise to him having received three awards in less than four months. 

He said that, “the first award was the Fellowship of the Institute of Oil and Gas Research and Hydrocarbon Studies in Abuja, the Hero’s Award and a Life Value Ambassador in Lagos and this fresh Award by the Road Accident Information and Rescue Organisation in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.   I reminisced on my past as a Road Safety Advocate “.

According to him, “when I started, what was paramount in my mind was service and not honour. I didn’t know there would be a time in my life, when I would be so honoured for the little God allowed me to do”. 

He dedicated the award to all the Road Safety Volunteers in the whole world. “I encourage everyone to be more committed and dedicated as there’s honour in service, he stated.  

Mr. Olabisi also said that the honour and others have made him to say categorically that “nothing you do for humanity that is a waste. Invest in people and reap it in manifold ways”. 

“I remember when I newly married and I told my wife I was going for patrols and my wife would be weeping that it was as if I was married to Road Safety and not her. I can never forget the day I forced my way out, when she locked the door that I must be indoor with her one faithful weekend. Not that I hated my family, but the passion for people and property wouldn’t allow me to stay.

“The humanitarian blood in me wouldn’t allow me to drive pass crashes on the road. I didn’t know honours would come my way one day while carrying out these rescue operations then.

Special Marshal Olabisi Dennis appreciated God, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), and also thanked the Lagos state Sector Commander, Corps Commander Olusegun Ogungbemide.

“My State Coordinator, SM Olusegun Akintan has been a leader in a million, for raising the Standards of Leadership. Working with them has been a plus to me.

“I also appreciate all the Zonal and State Executive Members of Special Marshals in RS2 ( Lagos and Ogun States) respectively, and RS2.1 Lagos, for the unity of purpose among us”.