The Managing Director, Prime Next Logistics, Giorgio Enrico Delcelo, speaks on logistics solutions and potentials of the logistics supply chain in Nigeria
Can you please tell us about your Organization while highlighting your major Services?
Prime Next Logistics Limited offers a full range of air and ocean freight services to businesses looking for a reliable and responsive global logistics partner. With a strong network of highly qualified freight carriers, agents, and customs brokerage partners, we offer customized international freight shipping solutions and door-to-door service for most shipments. Our professional and experienced freight specialists will provide personalized customer support and innovative logistics solutions to ensure that your international shipments are handled according to your company’s specifications.
What Services are you most excited about at the moment?
Different Clients require different services, therefore we must be ready to tailor the services to provide solution to the clients.  What really excited us is the result given and the satisfaction from the client.
How do you think the Nigeria Government’s plan to increase port and terminal activity will impact your business and transportation logistics industry?
Ports are highly significant in facilitating international trade. They play critical roles or interface between marine and land or air and land-based transportation. They are part of the international supply chain network. Effective ports management is crucial in successful international trade practice. This is because it ensures clean, safe and secure ports operations and provides effective and efficient ports services and reception facilities. Effective ports management reduces traffic, ports congestion, promotes international relationships and facilitates international trade by providing conducive and efficient ports and ports services. Effective ports management facilitates international trade because it reduces some of the traffic bottle-necks and huddles that usually cause delays and discourage international traders from venturing into foreign markets.
What are the challenges to developing effective supply chain solutions in Nigeria?Supply chain involves the synergy of different key player. If one of the key players is not effective, it affects the entire supply chain management.  The existing transport infrastructure in Nigeria for obvious reasons is affecting the economic performance and organisations competitiveness. For example, the Nigeria Inland Waterways Network is reputed to be one of the longest in the world spanning over 3000 kilometres.  It consists of 50 Rivers, including Rivers Niger, Benue, Cross River, Kaduna, Imo, Ogun, Sokoto and Lakes in Oguta and Chad.  However, this great transport resource is still underutilized. Not mentioning the almost absence of rail transportation … this will go a long way in improving the effectiveness of the logistics supply chain in Nigeria.

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