When it comes to industrial filters, not many companies can boast of offering quality filtration materials and system pumps. CliffsimeonAkalonu had a chat recently with one of the best solution providers in that area, that is the Managing Director of Ofe-Odey Nigeria Limited, Mr. Odey Sunny Odey, in Lagos
May I know you sir and your company background?
My name is Odey Sunday Odey, the Chief Executive Officer ofOfe- Odey Nigeria Limited. I hail fromYala Local Government Area of Cross River State,married to a beautiful and supporting wife with two boys and two girls.
Ofe-Odey Nigeria Limited, was established in 2008 as a Limited Liability Company, an Indigenous Nigeria Industrial Service Provider, offering wide range supplies of top quality filtration materials and system, stream line components and systems pumps. We have an excellent track record in industrial procurement solutions. Over the years, we have been able to build a strong business relationship with our numerous clients here in Nigeria and on the international stage.
Our Mission is that of Sustaining Industrial Growth in Professional Support Facilities with High Industrial Standards. As a company, we Do Back-up Industrial Success With Professional Services, Supplies Support Speed For International Growth And Profitable Profile Management. We are also Sole Agent to many Foreign Companies like TRELLEBORG SA in France, CONDENON GRUPPO of Italy who are Manufacturers of Filter Sheets and others. Ofe-Odey Nig. Ltd, started way back in Idimu and now relocated its Head Office to No.12, John Olugbo Street, off Unity Road, Ikeja in Lagos State.
What are the challenges you have encountered since being into business?
You know, as a non-manufacturing company coupled with non-availability of the required items in Nigeria, our greatest challenge is that of sourcing for and importing products into the country to the point of consumers level due to tedious procedures involved in clearing goods on arrival in the country. Another challenge is that, as a distributor, we have this traffic challenge situation whereby, the roads are too bad that in most cases, you go out of time range when in transit to deliver goods to a client. Also of great hindrance is road traffic agents like the Road Safety, V.I.O, etc who may accost and book your truck but with no reliable technology to facilitate clearance in a situation where you are faulted which will result in you being delayed, in which case your whole business day and transaction will be jeopardized. Hence, government agencies in this direction should fast track their necessary mechanism to curb such ugly situations to avoid financial losses. You import goods and before a month or two, inflation will go high, so how can one survive or cope under such situations?
As a service provider, if you are to ask the government to one thing for you, what will that be?
Government should look into the areas of double taxation. A situation whereby, you pay taxes in your office, you pay to the Local, State and the Federal Governments on the same business you are doing and at the end of the day you have nothing left. So if the Federal Government can harmonize their tax system to avoid duplication, this will go a long way to create a conducive environment for Small and Medium Businesses, as well as, create growth in business and reduce unemployment in the society.
How is the level of patronage?
By God’s grace, we are able to breakthrough and so far, the level of patronage is OK and the little we have, rate us above our competitors in terms of service delivery.
What is your unique selling point?
As service provider, it may interest you to know that the business we do is a specialized one and the technical & knowledge knowhow we have, cannot be compared anywhere. Our pricing is one that everyone looks up for. Our timing for business is unlimited as you can call us any time even in the middle of the night and we will be there. We also have what is called stock arrangement package with companies we work for and no competitor can do all these, that is why our company is different from others.
What are your products range?
We sell, install and distribute Filter bags and cloths, Filter sheet, Filter cartridges, Filter housing and system, Industrial hose and hose assembly, Vacuum and dust(fume) extraction and Water system and purification systems.
Do you do door to door delivery?
Yes we do because if you don’t do this invariably you are out of business. While considering this, we also do after-sales services.
Who are your local and foreign partners and those you have worked for?
I have partnered with the following except few: Sagisa, NEDERMAN, BROTHER Filtration and TRELLEBORG SA. Those we have worked for are Nigerian Breweries, BEST, Champion Breweries, Intercontinental Distillers, EURO GLOBAL, Nigeria Distillers Limited, Nigeria Brewery Plc, Unilever Nigeria Plc, Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Nigerbev Ltd-Distil, CASCADE Etc.
What is your hobby sir?
When I was a young boy, I used to play football so I love sports and now I love travelling and can travel without getting tired.
What is your best food?
As a typical Iyala man, I love pounded yam and vegetable soup.
What is your message to customers?
My message is that Nigerians should go for original Filtration Products most especially, when it concerns processing of food and drinks that are consumable, as it relates to human beings, because they go a long way in preventing health issues that may come as a result of improper filtration.

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