Our first meeting was spirited. He struck me as determined and equipped with the Alpha qualities of a CEO. He asked me a torrent of questions. He also listened intently as we ate at my dining table. His positive energy was palpable, always looking for a way around a problem.

Infinity Tyres

We discussed a business venture I wanted to build on the back of his company Kobo360, a logistics and supply chain business he co-founded. This was in 2021and his company had raised about $85.3M in equity and debt funding and had attracted global attention as the UBER for trucks. Since then, he became a regular at my house. He shared his plans with me and I gave him regular feedback.

My investment acumen, honed by decades of involvement in the stock market and start-up space proved handy in providing him perspectives. I liked his persistence, refusal to accept defeat and positive attitude to life. Most of my young mentees share the important quality of an optimistic attitude to life. I abhor negative energy and avoid it with passion.

I thought he will broaden his capabilities with an experience in government and told him so. He was reluctant. As I shared my experiences in government with him, I noticed his interest grew and sensed his restlessness.

As the transition committee was in the making in Enugu, I asked him to support the modern and forward-looking Governor of Enugu State, Mr. Peter Mba. He agreed.

Last week Obi Ozor at 34 was sworn in as Commissioner of Transport Enugu State. A new beginning for him and an experience he would benefit from. This is the future of Nigeria, tapping our vibrant young men for senior roles in government.

Congratulations to Obi, I wish you rough times and the fortitude to navigate and deliver value. Don’t let them say “These young people na so so grammar” The future of other young men lies in your performance. We are watching.

Thank you Governor Peter Mba for showing leadership and giving young people a shoulder to stand on.

Osita Chidoka
14 August 2023