In a bid to reposition the nation’s seaports for efficiency, safety and accountability the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), has entered into partnership with Renner & Renner Consulting (

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Speaking at a recently concluded retreat for its management staff, Acting Managing Director of the NPA, Mr. Mohammed Bello Koko, disclosed that the Authority is currently working on creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the region by offering best –in class port operations, adding that the management retreat was designed to strategise and craft actionable steps towards this objective.

He further disclosed that as part of efforts to position the NPA the management has outlined factors that would enhance such prospects which include infrastructural renewal and expansion, the introduction of barge operations and the automation of truck transit through the electronic call up system.

Others include improvement in the sources of revenue and collection, plugging income leakages and reducing overhead costs, elimination of monopolistic conduct, formulation and implementation of policies aimed at incentivize patronage of the Eastern Ports  and encouraging competition.

He also said the management is keeping up with the dictates of Consolidated Revenue (Fund) and Fiscal Responsibility Act, compliance with international best practice, elimination of red tape, boosting workers’ morale and capacity building, among others.

Speaking to the management staff, Bello-Koko stated: “The last time an event of this magnitude was held to chart a new direction for the Authority was over a decade ago where our present vision, mission and core values were crafted.”

Similarly, the Country Manager for Renner & Renner, facilitator of the Retreat, Ibby Iyama, said that the Nigerian ports have lost so much cargoes and revenue to port of neighbouring countries because of the absence of a system.

Iyalla said that NPA cannot continue to do the things the way they are used because, it is not sustainable, and something has to give way.