By Hannah Kintum

Infinity Tyres

The Chairman of the Lagos State Wharf Landing Fee Collecting Authority (WLFCA), Prince Gboyega Salvador-Adebayo has stated that the management of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has consistently worked against the interest of the authority. He stated this when Transport Day paid him a courtesy call in this Apapa, Lagos office during the week.

To this end, he revealed that the authority has not relented in its zeal to continue the collection of the fees (meant for the local government) as there are plans to work with the Lagos state ministry of Justice in order to prosecute erring importers.

He told Transport Day that “NPA is our major challenge. I wonder why an agency of government will undermine the Joint Tax Board and the Federal Ministry of Finance. The law establishing this Authority has already been gazette”.

According to the Chairman, because of the illegal fees being collected by NPA inside the ports, it has consistently refused to cooperate with his WLFCA, even after a meeting was held last year between the two authorities.

He accused the management of the NPA of not being straight forward, as after a meeting was held between the two bodies last year, NPA changed its position and refused to recognize the WLFCA.