Fast growing Nigerian auto company, Nord Automobiles Limited, has kept its words to expand its range for the benefit of its customers and potential clients.

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This, the company did recently with the unveiling of two trendy Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). The event which was largely held virtually, was witnessed by potential customers around the country.

The unveiling instantly set the social media agog as many excited about the elegance of the Nigeria-assembled SUVs who viewed the virtual launch bombarded the Nord team with questions bordering special features, specking and pricing.

Tagged Nord A5 and Nord Demir (tagged Prince of Nord), the two SUVs, the company said, were assembled at the company’s Lagos assembly plant.      

The Nord A5, a crossover SUV, represents the latest generation of an already established model, while the Nord Demir, a large SUV designed for executives, CEOs, public servants and politicians, promises unparalleled luxury and prestige.

The unveiling was transmitted over Instagram and YouTube, with staff members and board of the Nord Automobiles, celebrities, dignitaries and journalists in attendance.

Mr. Oluwatobi Ajayi Nord Automobiles Founder/Chairman of Nord Automobile company, described the two models as unique in their own ways. Nord A5, he said redefines the Crossover Experience:

“The Nord A5 is the latest iteration of a beloved crossover SUV that has won the hearts of Nigerians. With an updated design, advanced technology, and improved performance, the Nord A5 is a testament to Nord Automobiles’ commitment to constant innovation. Continuing he said the A5. Features sleek lines and modern aesthetics. This crossover is a perfect blend of style and functionality. The interior has been meticulously designed for comfort and connectivity, making it an ideal choice for urban and suburban driving.”

He described Nord Demir which looks like the Toyota Prado, elevates Prestige and Luxury to the next level.

The Nord Demir is an elite large SUV tailored to meet the high standards of executives, CEOs, Public servants and politicians.

This opulent SUV exudes power, prestige, and sophistication. The Nord Demir is designed to provide a luxurious experience with its spacious and exquisitely appointed interior.” It is equipped with cutting-edge technology, entertainment systems, and safety features, it is also available with CNG, compressed natural gas, and hybrid systems. “The Nord Demir is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement of success and distinction, he said.

Both the Nord A5 and Nord Demir are proudly crafted in Nord Automobiles’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lagos, supporting the company’s commitment to bolstering local industry and providing employment opportunities to Nigerians.

“We are thrilled to present the Nord A5 and Nord Demir, which exemplify our dedication to delivering top-notch, locally-made vehicles. Our vision is to provide Nigerians with the best in automotive excellence, and these SUVs are a testament to that commitment,” the CEO said.

According to him, Nord Automobiles remains steadfast in upholding stringent quality standards, ensuring safety compliance with international regulations, and integrating environmentally responsible practices into its production processes.

To explore the Nord A5 and Nord Demir and experience the sophistication and performance they offer, please visit Nord Automobiles showrooms located in major cities throughout Nigeria, and their social media handles.