German Economy Minister, Peter Altmaier, declared on Monday that he did not expect any major delays to the construction of Tesla’s factory near Berlin due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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This is after Tesla CEO, Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday that Tesla will move its headquarters and future programs to Texas or Nevada from California immediately.

Elon tweeted it after the Alameda County recommended that Tesla wait at least another week to monitor infection rates and discuss safe ways to resume production.

Tesla revealed last November it would build a factory in Gruenheide in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

The factory is due to open in 2021. It has faced opposition from environmentalists to stop the felling of trees on the site.

Seven U.S. bombs from World War II have been found in the plot of land intended for the Tesla factory.

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Tesla is moving into Germany’s heartland to contend with Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz as the country targets a massive increase in electric-car sales.

Tesla plans to build several models at the plant starting with the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, with more cars to follow. It would build as many as 500,000 vehicles annually.