(Transport Day Lens) Nigerian Railway Director Relaxes With Hennessy!

About 18.30 hours, on Friday, September 17, 2021, he walked into the Railway Recreation Club, situated right by the main gate leading into the Railway compound, in Lagos.

Hardly had he sat down when we noticed a billow of smoke from a table where two other men were already seated before he walked in.

Then, we noticed that he came with his own pack of cigarettes, competing for space with two or three of his obviously high tech phones in his palms.

A waitress (obviously familiar) walked briskly to his table, exchanged pleasantries, and shortly after, a small bottle of what looks like Hennessy and a bottle of coke was served.

But before he finally settled on his table, he had warmly greeted some other fun-seekers (we suspect they are Nigerian Railway Corporation staff) who sat at tables adjacent to his. This act gives the impression that he is sociable and knows how to mix easily.

He was clean-shaven. Adorning a well-tailored Senator attire, the type you can only find amongst players in the higher echelon of society,  with simple but expensive-looking slippers sandals to match.

Though gulping down the small bottle of Hennessy diluted with coke on ice, he was served with a regular beer glass cup, we can’t say if this was by choice or the bar had run out of suitable cups for spirits. The recreation spot is known for running out of tumblers even before maximum capacity.

And the sticks inside the pack of cigarettes were fast-moving south for obvious reasons.

We recall that the last time we saw him, (can’t remember when really) he was clutching a walking stick, but today, the walking support has long been forgotten, as the vibrations from the music takes centre stage. He walked smartly, hardly will you know he once used a walking aid.

I am talking of the Director of Operations, Nigerian Railway Corporation, Mr. Niyi Alli, said to be the Second in Command, after the MD, Engr. Fidet Okhiria. He has been described as a hard-working professional who deserves to socialise when the need arises.

Watch out for Part 2