By Cliffsimeon Akalonu

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The Senate Committee Chairman on Culture, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, says time has come when Nigeria should emulate NANTA and share in its template of progressive electoral transition process devoid of rancour in the past 45 years with Nigeria.

Senator, Owelle Okorocha, asked NANTA to spread its wings of collaboration and partnership in Initiating legacy projects that focuses on children and use same as spring board for cultural exchanges, thus breaking the cancer of tribalism.

“Owele encourage the leadership of NANTA, led by Mrs. Susan Akporiaye, to use articulation of her dream for NANTA and what the association represents, resonates with him.

He said, NANTA ‘s history and spread, leaves me with nostalgia of how Nigeria should be united and Culturally advanced and I must praise your dedication.'”

“NANTA must lead in uniting Nigeria, you must share with Nigerians how your association with national spread, has navigated through your leadership transition processes without rancour in the past forty five years, staying together, prospering together. NANTA must share this dream and maybe Nigeria can learn from it.” Owelle Okorocha narrated “.

Reacting to the address presented by the President, National Association Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA), during a visit in Abuja on Wednesday, the chairman, Senate committee on Culture, urged NANTA to focus on children Cultural tourism engagements and use the podium as vehicle of national Cultural tourism orientation and campaign for a united Nigeria.

“Your profiles and age long historical narratives sets up your association as the best group, to preach national Unity.

Rochas Foundation will be willing to collaborate and partner with you to bring our children together, teach them about of our rich Culture, for without Cultural education and knowledge, a nation and people are lost forever and will never advance. So, look out for organisations and persons that can share your thoughts and dreams to unite Nigeria through Cultural tourism exchanges, particularly among children.” Owelle Okorocha advised.

NANTA President, Mrs. Susan Akporiaye who spoke earlier, shared the dreams of NANTA founding fathers, noting that NANTA has remained focused and passionate about marketing Nigeria as a Cultural tourism destination and has also contributed to the growth of Nigeria’ aviation down stream sector.

She said ” We came here today to share our dreams and also learn from you on how we can package our Cultural attributes.

We have put in a process and commissioned a focal anti tribalism message targeted at uniting our members and Nigerians at based on our experience and legacies of NANTA founding fathers.” She said.

“Your positions as Chairman, Senate Committee on Culture and former Governor, will no doubt help us advance and contribute to building national cohesion without which we cannot thrive as a nation and people.

Expressing happiness, Mrs. Susan said, “We are impressed with your support and sponsorship of the education of the Nigerian child, particularly the poor and down trodden.
Rochas Foundation is a veritable vehicle and institution uniting Nigerian children and parents through education and its our intention to leverage on your experience in this regard to add value to our Cultural tourism exchange programs which we shall launch soon, and praying you will come to chair the occasion when we call on you.” Mrs Akporiaye reiterated.

Further, she informed the committee that NANTA will in due course, seek the collaborations of the Senate committee on Culture on how to focus on Nigerian children as Cultural ambassadors, expressing NANTA ‘s appreciation to the house Committee on Culture for the dedicated support and Institutional interventions to National Council for Arts and Culture ( NCAC).