Restrictions concerning travelling passengers without the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis otherwise known as Yellow Card has been reviewed by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
The NCAA had earlier said it was mandatory for passengers travelling into and out of Nigeria to be in possession of a valid yellow card.
In a circular sent to all airlines operating regional and international flights, the NCAA said the policy was due to the ongoing outbreak of yellow fever in the country.
However, in a statement signed by the General Manager, Public Relations, NCAA, Sam Adurogboye, on Thursday, the regulatory agency said the policy had been reviewed.
The NCAA said, “This directive supersedes the earlier one issued on compulsory possession of Yellow Card.
“However, passengers should be advised that they would be vaccinated accordingly at Points of Entry and the process for obtaining the e-yellow card will be initiated.”
According to the regulatory agency, the policy shift followed a letter received from the Federal Ministry of Health dated March 11, 2020, reviewing the implementation of the operationalisation of Nigeria’s Points of Entry policy on the prevention and control of cross-border transmission of yellow fever.
The agency stated that the review of the policy arose from the competing priority of the ongoing entry screening of the nation’s Points of Entry by the Port Health Services for COVID-19.
“Hence, entry screening of passengers due to the COVID-19 outbreak will be prioritised by the Port Health Services until the outbreak has been effectively contained,” the NCAA said.
It added that in view of the new directive, all airlines operating flights into the country should implement the reviewed policy of the Federal Ministry of Health by allowing passengers coming to Nigeria without a Yellow Card to board but with the advice of vaccination at Points of Entry.
The agency said passengers departing Nigeria would require a valid Yellow Card for boarding.

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