Habeed Nagode from Zuru Auto Sports Club last weekend, won the maiden Nasarawa Easter Motorsports fiesta attended by more than 200 racers and racing enthusiasts.

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Facilitated by the president of the state’s Motorsports Community, Sanni Jibo, Nagode won the one-day event, beating Capo and Kawo Yola to the second and third positions respectively.

The Guardian reports Jibo said, “We are glad the sport is well accepted in the state. One thing we must note is that before the formal running of this project, several groups had been engaging in the sport at different levels within and outside Nasarawa. This event is an attempt to coordinate it and bring value to all stakeholders.”

He said the interest in the sport was already present and that the atmosphere the visiting racers, riders, and other groups created confirmed the state as a hotbed for motorsports and diverse wheel sports.

“We are glad the government saw value in the empowerment that the sport can bring, especially its impact on the local economy and the huge potential of becoming a dragnet for tourism in the state,” he added.

Bikers and different categories of skaters were also featured at the event, which Jibo has assured he would liaise with the government and state-based tourism operators to maximize the benefits for all stakeholders.

He added: “The Government has shown immense support to this project, and his reception to some of our touring athletes during the event speaks volumes. We would liaise with key Motorsports community to give depth and put the state and its potentials to the fore.”

Some of the Motorsport communities represented at the inaugural Nasarawa Auto Sports competition were Abuja, Minna, and Zuru in Kebbi State.