Multimix Academy, has hosted a roundtable conference with stakeholders to provide required value to the trade industry and a curriculum review with  industry participation.

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Chairman of the academy and Director General, African Centre for Supply Chain, Dr Obiora Madu, highlighted the purpose of the round-table talks, which is to design/update “our curriculum to represent the needs, interests and learning areas that members of the industry need in the workplace.”

He buttressed that Multimix Academy has provided consistent value and proficient industry leadership in the global trade sector in Nigeria.

The major highlight of the roundtable discussion was the division of participants into groups that focused on Supply chain, procurement and sourcing, logistics and warehousing, and international trade. The purpose of the group session was for the executives to draw from their personal experiences working with colleagues, subordinates and stakeholders in the field to create real-life situations within the Nigerian environment while maintaining global practices and having sincere conversations to solve the issues facing the industry.

At the end of the breakout session, each group highlighted problems within the industry. The groups revealed that the industry required development training on strategic influencing, leadership skills, project management skills, driver management skills, assets management, finance, communications skills and the need for more onsite internships.

Dr Madu, in response to the feedback, assured participants of the planned execution of their assessments and the influence it will have on the restructuring of the curriculum to meet the current need of the industry. 

Managing Director, Oluchi Okafor, during the unveiling of its new brand identity, noted that the current business environment in Nigeria, driven by innovations in technology and knowledge, is the reason for the change of the brand identity. “In the last two decades, Multimix Academy has been in the forefront of providing logistics and supply chain education in Nigeria.

We have digitalised all internal processes, channelled partners for major international supply chain certifications, certified over 3,000 individuals, created our online learning management system and most recently became an ISO 9001:2015 accredited organisation.”

To this end, Multimix Academy has hosted this inaugural Supply Chain Roundtable with identified Supply Chain professionals at the top of their field in various sectors of the economy to get a first-hand and credible view of the challenges and educational needs in the industry.”

The roundtable, which is novel in the Nigerian Trade Industry, was well attended by executives and faculty members of Multimix Academy, other academicians of the supply chain, logistics and school of transport from the Lagos State University and the University of Lagos, the Chairman and board members of the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, Chief Executive Officers of reputable supply chain and logistics companies, and executives of Supply Chain, Logistics, procurement and sales departments of some of the biggest FMCGs, Manufacturing, Health and Finance companies in Nigeria.