The National President of the Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycle and Tricycle Riders Association of Nigeria, Shamsudeen Apelogun, has described the ban of Okada by the Lagos State Government as insensitive.
The President of the association, who berated the Lagos State government over its decision to ban commercial motorcycles from the highways, warned that the policy was capable of increasing crimes in the state if it was not reversed.
Apelogun spoke on Friday during the swearing-in of new executive members of the association in Ogun State.
He said, “Sadly, while we created jobs and took many of our youths out of the labour market, some state governments’ policies were targeted at adding to the pains of Nigerians.
“The Lagos State Government has every right to take decisions as it feels right but government at all levels should be more concerned about the interest of the majority of the people.”
Refuting the allegation that motorcycles are the major cause of accidents on the highway, Apelogun said, available statistics did not support the allegation.
He said, “The major argument against commercial motorcycles is the issue of accidents but the statistics made available to us from the Bureau of Statistics shows that accidents caused by motorcycles are not on the first three.”

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