Mobility fintech platform, Moove, popular for using the famous Suzuki Xpresso for it services, has launched ‘Moove Cares’ programme, introducing a substantial support package aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of the current hardship in the country.

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The initiative, according to the startup, is in response to the challenges posed by rising fuel prices for its customers managing their businesses and the additional burden of inflationary food prices on household budgets.

In a statement, Moove said it was providing support both at work and at home.

According to the firm, the programme includes fuel subsidies to assist with business operations and a comprehensive care package to support households during these difficult times.

According to the company, the programme is dedicated to ensuring its positive impact in the lives of its customers, especially against the backdrop of Nigeria’s challenging and chronic economic landscape.

Moove said it was committed to distributing free-of-charge ‘Moove Cares’ packages worth over N150,000 to each of its customers starting this week.

Moove’ Regional Managing Director for Nigeria, Taiwo Ajibola, elaborated on the programme objectives, “As a listening organisation, we understand from our customers’ feedback the pressing need for support amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting fuel and food prices.

“Our Moove Cares programme is our small way of providing some much-needed support to our customers amidst this extremely challenging economic environment.”

Since its inception in 2020, Moove has been at the forefront of democratising access to financial services for mobility entrepreneurs.

With a presence in nine markets globally, Moove’s innovative platform has facilitated over 30 million trips, significantly impacting the lives of 80,000 of its customers and their dependents.